Preview: Windows Home Server Vail

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 23, 2010

Windows Home Server Vail is an early test build of the next version of Windows Home Server. We Got Served offers this preview to show what we expect with the next release. As noted in the preview, Vail offers a new feature called Launchpad -- a simple launch window where you perform common tasks for a Windows Home Server-connected computer.

This preview offers an early look at the next version of Windows Home Server.

"Shared folders sounds familiar. The dashboard is the new name for the WHS Console. But what is that Launchpad thingy?

"This is the Launchpad, which you cannot use until you have added yourself as a user in the Vail Dashboard. Once that little task has been accomplished, enter your name and password in the appropriate places. Before logging in, click on the Options item where you can decide if you want the Launchpad to remember you and your password then click on the arrow"

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