Server Room Management Tips for Organizing Cables

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 16, 2010

This server room management advice article on CommsExpress offers tips for better management and organization of cables. As reported in the article, cable management is the foundation for space maximization, overall performance, safety, and cooling efficiency.

Avoid heating problems with better cable organization.

"In an article for Processor, Robyn Weisman discusses the issue with a number of experts from the industry and finds that it is best to 'isolate and consolidate' sources of cables.

"Furthermore, it is suggested by product specialist Christina Hansen that Ethernet cables should be labeled and color-coded in order to easily identify where they lead to and for what function.

"Server room managers are also reminded that poor organization and distribution of cables can lead to problems with heating and access to equipment."

Read the Full "Ethernet Cable Management Advice" Story at CommsExpress

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