Desktop Virtualization for Remote Workers

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 16, 2010

From healthcare workers to sales managers, a virtualization desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment for workers outside the office provides valuable benefits. This Information Week article provides details on three VDI case uses and how each organization's mobile workforce benefited from VDI.

VDI provides valuable benefits to mobile employees.

"VDI provides valuable benefits to these road warriors and the IT pros who support them. Among those benefits: access to applications that can't leave the data center, such as software that hooks into a database of highly confidential or classified information, the contents of which can't be accessed offline for security reasons; an extension on the life span of legacy applications that aren't multiuser-enabled; a way to easily deploy applications that need operating systems other than Windows; and an end to the problem of a salesperson's laptop going south when she's 1,000 miles from headquarters and getting ready for a presentation--just check out a clean desktop image."

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