New Data Center Management Trends for Virtualization Technologies

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 13, 2010

Virtualization technologies help drive data center efficiency and for many organizations virtualized data centers result in better system utilization, application availability, and cost savings. As mentioned in this Data Center Journal report, despite virtualization topping most 2010 priority lists, virtualization technologies also presents a number of challenges.

Virtualization technologies help drive data center efficiency.

"Although virtualization tops most priority lists for enterprises in 2010, the technology also presents challenges in terms of managing a dynamic environment. One of the greatest obstacles of virtualization is the assignment and allocation of appropriate network resources, as virtual machines (VMs) are provisioned among diverse network locations. Virtualizing a single data center introduces a number of challenges—not the least of which necessitates moves, adds, and changes of virtual images—thereby adding network provisioning complexity and increasing IT administration workload."

Read the Full "Automating the Virtual Data Center" Story at Data Center Journal

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