Wipro Launches New FluidState Data Center

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 13, 2010

WWipro Infotech has announced its FluidState Data Center: a predesigned, prefabricated data center targeted at small, medium and enterprise businesses. As noted in the company's news release, the FluidState Data Center can be setup in less than a week - almost 10 times faster than a conventional data center.

The company claims its prefabricated data center can be setup in less than a week.

"With technology powered by Cisco, HP, Hitachi and EMC among others, the FluidState Data Center offers a contemporary modular design, optimized for efficiency, cooling, power and space. Due to its modular design, the DC can be upgraded or downgraded without any downtime. FluidState offers a greener Data Center in terms of a unified computing environment with 24x7 lights out operation, capacity on demand, 4 times higher density per rack, up to 40% lower cooling cost and reduced carbon footprint. The Data Center uses virtualization and highest density in its building blocks."/p>

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