Data Center Management Mishaps

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 13, 2010

According to this "Stupid data center tricks" Network World article, serve room and data center mishaps are caused, more often than not, by human error. The article references a number of mishaps, such as overheated systems that shut down after a worker changed a data center thermostat setting from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Overheated systems shut down after a worker changes a thermostat setting -- and other data center follies caused by human error.

"According to the Uptime Institute, a New York-based research and consulting organization that focuses on data-center performance, human error causes roughly 70% of the problems that plague data centers today. The group analyzed 4,500 data-center incidents, including 400 full downtime events, says Julian Kudritzki, a vice president at the Uptime Institute, which recently published a set of guidelines for operational sustainability of data centers.

"'I'm not surprised," Kudritzki says of the findings. 'The management of operations is your greatest vulnerability, but also is a significant opportunity to avoid downtime. The good news is people can be retrained.'"

Read the Full "Stupid data center tricks" Story at Network World

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