Uniform Server: A Free Open Source Web Server Tool

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 10, 2010

Uniform Server is a powerful and free open source WAMP package for Microsoft Windows combining complementary open source Web server tools such as the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL database engine, and scripting languages PHP and Perl. According to this report on SoftSailor, you can add plugins such as TomCat 5.

Uniform Server is a free open source WAMP package for Windows that combines open source web server tools.

"We have tried this application and we can tell you that it works great and without any kind of interruptions, and in addition, the program can be activated without any installation, and the package itself is under 10 MB. Uniform Server is used to test web applications on Windows, and you can also bring the program wherever you go because you can install it on a removable media. It is released under the BSD license and designed for security. The Uniform Server also has other plug-ins like a SSL Server, FTP Servers, and Email Servers that can be installed to increase your productivity, and if you want other tool, you can download them as plugins from the program’s website."

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