Open Source Software Projects That Changed the World

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 10, 2010

According to this Ostatic report, open source software is not just about getting something for free, rather it is a statement about how the world should be. In this list of seven projects, GNU, Linux, and Apache are described as open source projects that have changed the world.

From open source software to projects there have been a number of releases that literally have changed the world.

"Apache: In the early ’90s, the most popular web server was a public domain http server developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. That project fell to the wayside, leaving webmasters all over the world developing their own patches and fixes. The Apache project was started to bring all of these patches together in one server, which made it A 'Patchy' Sever. In less than a year, the Apache web server became the number one server on the Internet, and stays at the top today. Ease of access of the Linux kernel, the GNU userland tools, and the Apache web server created a perfect environment for businesses large and small to start hosting their own web sites in the fledgling Internet."

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