XenDesktop Achieves Enterprise-Ready Virtualization Status

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 10, 2010

As reported on Virtualization Review, Chris Wolf, research VP at Gartner, announced that with the release of XenDesktop 4 Platinum edition suite, Citrix became the first vendor to meet all of Burton Group's server hosted virtual desktop (SHVD) evaluation criteria.

The XenDesktop 4 Platinum Edition Suite meets Burton Group's server hosted virtual desktop (SHVD) evaluation criteria.

"Chris compliments Citrix for announcing from the stage at its May Synergy conference that XenDesktop had not passed muster. Asked if he thought that VMware's subsequent and hasty decision to withhold the debut of View 4.5 was attributable to its shortcomings in the SHVD study, he stops short of a definitive 'Yes,' but does nothing to dispel the notion.

"The study evaluated and scored SHVD platforms across three stratifications. The first was 'Required,' the second was 'Preferred,' and the third was 'Optional.' The assessment was broken out into major focus areas, including user experience, security and management. As of this May, no platform included all 52 features Wolf believes are required for typical enterprises."

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