Overwatch Uses VMLogix for Private Cloud

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 10, 2010

VMLogix has announced that Overwatch Systems, Ltd. has deployed VMLogix LabManager to centralize its virtual lab and virtual machine (VM) management capabilities to reduce VM sprawl and transform the data center into a virtual pool of computing resources, creating an on-premise, private cloud. Also noted in this market Watch news release is that Overwatch chose LabManager for its ability to automate the entire deployment operation with no need for third-party task automation tools.

The company deploys VMLogix to create an on-premise private cloud.

"'We needed a single centralized repository and a way to manage information regarding various hardware resources and engineering images, including information like who is using and creating what templates, which software packages are on those templates and what version of the operating system is in use. Essentially, we wanted to virtualize our physical resources so that they could be managed and allocated as a private cloud,' said Bart Burkhard, engineering technology manager at Overwatch. 'With VMLogix LabManager we are able to better monitor usage and identify how particular resources are being used, allowing us to redirect them when engineers are not using them, ensuring full hardware utilization.'"

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