An In-Depth Look at Red Hat Cloud Computing

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 9, 2010

Main Linux vendors, like Canonical, Novell, and Red Hat, have entered the cloud computing market. As reported in this SearchCloudComputing article, out of the three Canonical and Red Hat have made the biggest splashes -- although Canonical's focus appears to be partnerships and bundled software, rather than the comprehensive enterprise products offered by Red Hat."

A detailed look at Red Hat's cloud computing strategy and how it compares to Canonical's offering.

"The overarching strategy behind Red Hat's cloud offerings is to provide a consistent environment that allows you to run your workloads in your enterprise data center (fully or partially virtualized, with or without a private cloud) or in a public cloud. This consistency extends all the way through licensing.

"For example, if you exhaust capacity in your data center, Red Hat software, specifically MRG Grid, can automatically schedule workloads on virtual machines in the Amazon public cloud. Of course, you get to specify which workloads that you are willing to allow to be run outside your data center. MRG Grid is designed to schedule various types of computing resources, including virtual machines across private and public clouds."

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