Microsoft Details Efficient Data Center Management and Designs

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 5, 2010

A new Microsoft whitepaper, detailed on Datamation, presents energy and data center management lessons learned from the company's deployment of massive data centers around the world. Also mentioned in this Datamation report is one lesson Microsoft learned: evaporative (water) cooling works best in climates where the air temperature is high and the humidity is low.

A new Microsoft whitepaper details energy management lessons learned from the deployment of massive data centers.

"'Our goal was to maximize the amount of compute capability per container at the lowest cost,' Bhandarkar said in an accompanying post to the MS Datacenters blog Monday.

"'We have eliminated unnecessary components, used higher efficiency power supplies and voltage converters and bounded the expandability of server platforms to achieve significant power savings. We remain very much focused on performance per dollar, per watt as an additional means of achieving higher energy efficiency,' the whitepaper said."

Read the Full Story at Datamation

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