WSO2 Offerings Adds to Carbon 3.0 Platform

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Posted Aug 4, 2010

WSO2 has recently announced five new releases for its Carbon 3.0 Apache-based middleware platform that take advantage of Carbon 3.0 process-oriented components and building blocks for cloud computing. As reported in this ZDNet blog, among the new offerings are Business Process Server (BPS) 2.0, Data Services Server (DSS) 2.5, Business Activity Monitor (BAM) 1.1, Gadget Server 1.1, and Mashup Server 2.1. All are designed to aid users in customizing IT application and Web service deployments across servers — and in private and public clouds.

WSO2 announces new releases for its Apache-based middleware platform.

"Gadget Server lets users implement and modify a true Web-based portal that can be accessed anywhere via a browser. Enhancements to version 1.1 include inter-gadget communication support, a gadget editor, and support for i18n.

"Mashup Server provides the reusability, security, reliability and governance required for an SOA. Version 2.1 makes it easier to share mashups by providing the ability to upload a mashup together with all the required resources in a ZIP folder."

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