Cloud Computing Drives Server Spending

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 2, 2010

According to a new report by research firm IDC, the continued uptake of cloud computing in the enterprise will drive new spending on server hardware. As mentioned in this news report on eWeek, server hardware revenue for public cloud computing is predicted to grow from $582 million to $718 million in 2014: the result of organizations seeking to move systems off-site.

An industry push for cloud computing services is driving new spending on server hardware.

"'Many IT decision makers are seriously considering cloud computing as a way to dramatically simplify their sprawling virtual and physical infrastructure,' said Katherine Broderick, research analyst at Enterprise Platforms and Datacenter Trends.

"'However, there is still some lingering apprehension over issues like integration, availability, security, and costs. These concerns, and how they are addressed by IT vendors, will continue to guide the adoption of cloud computing over the next several years.'

"IDC’s research also found that private clouds were more likely to be broadly adopted than public clouds, with 44 percent of respondents claiming to be considering private clouds. Public clouds will also be less enterprise-focused than private clouds."

Read the Full "IDC: Cloud Uptake Driving Server Spend" Story at eWeek

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