Easy How To Guide for Successful Server Virtualization

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jul 22, 2010

According to PC World, the key to successful server virtualization in a smaller environment starts with the physical host server. This "How to Set Up a Virtualization Server" guide offers advice on setting up the host server, choosing RAM and Storage, network interfaces, and other considerations you need to plan server virtualization.

Hosting several virtual servers makes sense regardless of your company size.

"The reasons to virtualize even a small infrastructure come down to ease of administration and cost reductions. Cost reductions come from cutting down the number of physical servers, thus reducing the power and cooling requirements, but they also come in the form of greatly reduced expansion. Rather than having to purchase new hardware to support a new business application, all you need to do is add a new virtual server.

"If your business has only a single server, virtualization isn't likely to buy you much, but if you have more than two servers or if you plan on expanding anytime soon, virtualization can likely make a difference."

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