The Benefits of Energy Efficient Data Center Management

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Posted Jul 21, 2010

This Greener story quotes industry statistics that claim there are approximately 4.75 million servers worldwide being run, managed and upgraded without being actively used on a daily basis. Those unused servers cost $20.7 billion to run, plus consume another $3.7 billion in energy costs. This energy-efficient data center management report also offers examples of the most common ways data center energy management can reduce energy consumption.

According to industry stats there are 4.75 million servers worldwide being managed and upgraded without being actively used on a daily basis.

"1. Detecting unused equipment and turning it off or recommissioning it. 15-20 percent of all servers are never used. Idle servers still consume about three-quarters of the energy of a server at 100 percent utilization. However, most data centers do not have tools to uncover unused equipment. Look for an energy management solution that enables you to detect all idle or rogue machines and make decisions using a per-asset cost analysis.

"2. Virtualization. A recent survey found that among data centers that claimed to have completed their virtualization process, only about 35 percent of their servers had been virtualized. In other words, this survey revealed that picking servers that are suitable for virtualization is still a very ad-hoc process. An energy management solution can profile assets and give data center executives a per-asset cost and utilization picture of the data center. Virtualization can then be geared toward assets with low-utilization or high energy consumption in a planned effort."

Read the Full "Five Benefits of Data Center Energy Management" Story at Greener Computing

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