HP, Red Hat Ease Linux-based x64 Open Source Server Migration

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jul 20, 2010

Through HP's Migration Center, HP and Red Hat is helping shops to move away from Solaris platforms to Linux-based x64 open source servers. According to this report on Channel Register, the Sparc/Solaris migration services that the two companies have cooked up help customers on IBM Power AIX, AS/400 and Power-i, and mainframe servers as well as its own DEC Alpha and PA-RISC customers move to HP ProLiant (x64) or Integrity (Itanium) iron.

HP will offer migration services through the HP Migration Center consulting program.

"The basic rhythm of migration is to bring in HP to do an assessment of what you have and where you might go, then come up with a migration plan, execute it, and then provide ongoing support for the new hardware and software platform. Pricing is as vague as the scope of work, and as with most services companies, prices are rarely discussed.

"The same holds true for the two new services being announced today by HP and Red Hat through the HP Migration Center. The HP-Red Hat Migration and Planning Service specifically moves Sparc/Solaris shops to ProLiant servers using Red Hat's Enterprise Linux operating system and Enterprise Virtualization hypervisor, which is based on the open source KVM hypervisor controlled by Red Hat."

Read the Full Story at Channel Register

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