Future Facilities, SynapSense Offers Integrated Data Center Management

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Posted Jul 16, 2010

SynapSense and Future Facilities have announced an integration of SynapSense data center management controls — including monitoring and energy management solutions — into the Future Facilities 'Virtual Facility' data center modeling environment. As mentioned in this news release on the Financial Post, the integrated solution, 6SigmaDC V6, combines monitoring and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools to offer a complete view of the past, present and future states of the data center environment.

Future Facilities has announced integration with SynapSense Data Center Monitoring and Energy Management Solution.

"The SynapSense solution features real-time wireless monitoring and energy management with SynapSense Adaptive Control which provides the world’s leading data centers with the ability to continuously align cooling capacity with changes in IT load. SynapSense Adaptive Control optimizes cooling capacity and allows customers to drive energy savings of up to 35 percent of cooling costs, while also featuring the security, redundancy and resiliency expected of an enterprise-scale solution.

"Future Facilities’ pioneering Virtual Facility model is a 3D, photorealistic historical record of operational changes and IT assets and an accurate predictive tool for capacity planning and calculating the environmental response of any future changes. The Virtual Facility model can be used to understand and manage the supply and return of cooling air that is fundamental to IT equipment resilience and overall facility power usage efficiency."

Read the Full "SynapSense and Future Facilities Partner on Data Center Modeling" News Release at Financial Post

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