Server Room Management Helps Company Prepare for Outages

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jul 15, 2010

Red Energy said that it has made some alterations to its data center server room management and monitoring to ensure that it is better prepared to deal with any power outages. This Comms Express article also states that during the bushfires of 2007, the company was using an inefficient data center which could only survive for seven minutes if power was lost.

Using better server room management and monitoring helped one company to be better prepared for power outages.

"However, a new project has now been completed, which has included the expansion of its server room and advancements in relation to cooling, server rack enclosures and power distribution units.

"The result has led to the progression to over 300 staff and a scalable and reliable power and cooling capacity that has the capability of supporting the business in the future."

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