Open Source Servers and Cloud Computing

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jul 15, 2010

The SD Times reports that CollabNet CEO Bill Portelli recently offered some insights into where open source communities were concentrating their development work and what trends could be influencing them. Some topics include open source server code and cloud computing.

One influence in open source communities is the effect of cloud on open source.

"'This is an interesting discussion topic. I interact regularly with dozens of other CEOs and executives in the open source space, as well as cloud computing (i.e. SaaS) application companies. Interestingly, I am seeing an increasing consensus that the 'need' to have open source software at the application level is not as great either as more and more deployments move to the cloud. (Note 1: I am discussing application level code versus infrastructure code. Note 2: This is not a black and white comment, rather it's shades of degree and trending). Here's the rationale. First, for the vendor, it is not as important to have their server side code open as the value to user modification is not as critical to the business."

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