Virtualized Data Center or Private Cloud?

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jul 14, 2010

Server virtualization is an enabling technology for the cloud. This Virtual Strategy article focuses on how organizations that have adopted virtualization in their data centers transition to cloud computing, and more specifically, a private cloud. As noted in the article, by taking a look at the public cloud and how it delivers resources, we can differentiate the virtualized data center from a private cloud.

Discovering the differences between a virtualized data center and a private cloud.

"A virtualized data center is able to abstract resources to an extent, but it often does not pool them for transactional access. The question then is, how do organizations gain that functionality? To answer that, we have to address what is missing in the virtualized data center: a management layer which not only pools resources, but enables management of those resources and management of users from a single pane of glass.

"Virtual management solutions come in many different stripes. You have your VM monitoring tools, and your VM security tools, your DR tools, and so on. But to fill this gap around private cloud management, there is one specific category of solutions – called virtual lab management – that is already delivering the core capabilities required, While originally developed for development, testing and other preproduction environments, these management and self-service systems often have broader VM and application lifecycle management capabilities which can enable private cloud infrastructure."

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