Oracle Emphasizes Exadata in Server Architect

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jul 9, 2010

Oracle's Exadata database machine, which is a platform combining hardware and software in a manner totally tuned towards the objective of fast OLTP shows the technological urge to merge. In this Information Week Blog, author Alexander Wolfe, wrote that the the most exciting thing going on in servers today is actually in storage and networks.

Speed advances in storage and network connectivity are feeding back into the design constraints for servers.

"Fowler knows his platform innards. Prior to his current Oracle gig, he was executive vice president of Sun's systems group and chief technology officer for its software organization. (Oracle completed its acquisition of Sun Microsystems in January.) I spoke with Fowler to gather material for my InformationWeek Analytics State of Server Technology 2010 research report. (Hurry and you can still download the full report for free.)

"The coming together of my Fowler interview, conducted back in March, and Bob's column, began when I read the money quote from Bob's piece. Commenting on the importance of these tuned systems, Bob wrote: 'There's something. . .significant at play here: the shape of high-end platforms and systems that will play essential roles in enterprise architectures for a long time to come.'"

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