Double-Take Announces Flex for Windows HPC Server

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Posted Jul 7, 2010

Double-Take Software has recently announced availability of Double-Take Flex for High Performance Computing (HPC). According to this report on AME Info, Double-Take Flex for HPC is an all-in-one solution for diskless iSCSI booting for Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 storage, bootstrap and boot volume management, allowing companies to virtualize, consolidate, share, and centrally manage HPC compute node boot volumes.

Flex for HPC extends Windows HPC Server and provides a powerful underlying iSCSI Storage Server.

"Double-Take Flex for HPC extends Windows HPC Server customers' investments in iSCSI SAN infrastructure and provides a powerful underlying iSCSI Storage Server tuned especially for sharing HPC nodes' boot images. It is a comprehensive solution that includes all of the required technology to automate the deployment of hundreds of diskless HPC compute nodes, and includes the iSCSI Service Provider, centrally-managed back-end storage, and boot image management.

"Double-Take Flex for HPC can also work with third-party iSCSI providers, helping to extend the high-end capabilities of customers' existing SANs. On the same compute nodes, customers can use the functionalities of both Double-Take Flex and Double-Take Flex for HPC. In this scenario, a customer could provision desktops for ordinary office tasks during the day and for high performance computing at night."

Read the Full Story at AME Info

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