AMD Puts Pressure on Intel Server Processor Market Share

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jul 7, 2010

Intel has long dominated the server and PC processor markets, but it's not clear that Intel will be able to maintain both its dominant market share and its elevated margins. This Forbes Blog report outlines how AMD is putting pressure on Intel's processor market share and underlying profit margins.

How long will Intel continue to dominate the server and PC processor markets?

"AMD has recently shown the ability to underprice Intel without compromising performance. For example, AMD's latest server processor cost only $99, versus $167 for Intel's cheapest equivalent. AMD's processors are well suited for intensive cloud computing applications as well as enterprises looking to cut down their IT costs.

"Historically, Intel has outperformed AMD in the realm of chip manufacturing technology. Each manufacturing improvement (e.g advancing from the 45 nanometer process node technology standard to 32 nanometers) resulted in strong cost benefits and higher profits."

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