What to Expect from New AMD Server Platforms

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Posted Jul 2, 2010

An increased number of cores is ideal for today’s intensive environments, and huge performance jumps are realized when more cores are added to the mix. According to Processor.com, AMD has taken multicore design to a new level—one with 12 or eight cores and with the Opteron 6000 Series, you’ll get more cores and more memory, improved bandwidth and support for faster memory speeds.

AMD has taken multicore design to a new level, but what kind of performance can you expect?

"System bandwidth among the input/output paths, such as processor-to-processor and processor-to-memory, is a key benchmark when dealing with memory- and processor-intensive tasks such as cloud computing. The Opteron 6000 Series delivers speeds up to 6.4GBps to improve the balance between processor and memory speeds and increase overall scalability. The same technology can be found on AMD’s six-core and quad-core Opteron series. AMD also built HyperTransport Assist technology into the Opteron 6000 Series to reduce probe traffic and resolve probe issues, which can increase the efficiency of HyperTransport 3.0.

"If your enterprise has or will move to a virtualized environment, a 4P server is ideal for handling the demands made to the CPU, input/output, and memory resources."

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