VMware Go Gets Tweaked for Hyper-V Competition

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Posted Jul 1, 2010

VMware Go, a collaboration between VMware and Shavlik Technologies, has been recently updated to import VM Server 2.0 guests and deploy them on ESXi 4.0 hypervisors. According to this story on The Register, VMware hopes that new tweaks will make it more appealing to small and medium businesses that might otherwise go with Microsoft's Hyper-V.

VMware has updated its free online virtual machine builder in the hopes of appealing to g to small and medium businesses.

"While this is all well and good, VMware has a vast installed base of customers using its hosted hypervisors, various releases of the ancient GSX Server, and VMware Server 1.0 and 2.0. These latter hosted hypervisors, unlike GSX Server, were distributed freely to try to compete against open source Xen hypervisors and to blunt a Microsoft Hyper-V attack before it got marketing steam behind it on the x64 platform. While VMware cannot easily make the Go service compatible with all those old hosted hypervisors because of file-format and other issues, according to Jayadevan, the company does want to get customers who deployed the most current VM Server, the 2.0 product, on the path to the full ESX Server 4.0 hypervisor and the commercial-grade vSphere 4.0 stack."

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