Virtual Instruments Announces VirtualWisdom 2.0

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 30, 2010

Virtual Instruments offers a hardware device, called VirtualWisdom, that attaches to the SAN and monitoring software. According to this ZDNet Blog, the company has recently announced VirtualWisdom 2.0, a new solution to monitor, measure and analyze the effect of the SAN on virtualized applications.

The new solution helps reduce the risk of deploying virtualized applications.

"VirtualWisdom 2.0 is the successor to the popular NetWisdom SAN monitoring solution. Key new features and performance enhancements make VirtualWisdom 2.0 easier to use, less expensive to deploy, and faster to produce updates and reports. Targeted at enterprises looking to broadly deploy server and storage virtualization, VirtualWisdom 2.0 includes instrumentation, measurement and analysis tools – the basis for performance and resource optimization."

Read the Full Story at ZDNet

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