Evolving Technologies Shorten Server Replacement Cycles

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 30, 2010

Today, businesses have compressed server replacement cycles to the shortest practical length to stay on top of trends like virtualization, expanding storage demands and other business mandates. According to this report on Computer World, server replacement cycles these days generally run toward three years, depending on the machine's role and its owner's needs.

Virtualization technologies and other trends have contributed to a to a three-year server replacement cycle.

"'Not only has virtualization dramatically increased the level of application/server consolidation, it has also radically changed customer deployment models,' McCormack says. Customers are now more likely to speed up server replacement cycles to take advantage of faster processors and other technological improvements, he explains.

"Bourassa's top concern at the moment is making sure his Hewlett-Packard servers have enough capacity to support effective virtualization. 'I think that folks that are going the virtualization route will be on a faster [server replacement] cycle for the next few years because the capacity of the servers has tripled to quadrupled over the past year,' he says."

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