Application Virtualization Technologies Ready for Take-Off

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 28, 2010

Adoption of Application virtualization has been slower than expected when one considers that Softricity, now part of Microsoft, brought the technology to general attention in the early years of the decade. This Computer World 'Virtually Everything' Blog discusses application virtualization and why adoption has been slower than expected.

Application virtualization is starting to garner IT attention, finally.

""But first some background. In Microsoft Windows, we have gotten used to applications arriving in .msi software packages that install automatically. The package knows how the application should be installed, queries the machine to understand what needs to be written where, runs through all the necessary changes and, where necessary, updates system files that configure the application and the system.

"If that machine had only that one application, then the situation would be simple -- we would have a system with exactly the right configuration for that application. The reality is that there are many applications in a business, many but not all of which are present on any one machine. This makes it impossible to know if the configuration and system changes that one application makes are going to affect other applications. This is the fundamental problem that has dogged our ability to test systems effectively."/p>

Read the Full "Application Virtualization, Finally" Story at the Virtually Everything Blog

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