In-Depth With Microsoft Communications Server 14

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Posted Jun 28, 2010

As promised, Microsoft open the hood of Communications Server 14 the Tech Ed conference, allowing analysts, developers, and IT system managers to get a good look at what this new version of OCS can do. The No Jitter Blog has published an in-depth look at Communications Server 14, and in the review suggests that CS 14 could be a serious contender as an alternative to the PBX starting in 2012 and beyond.

Microsoft has been working on a new version of Office Communications Server for several years and many new features were recently unveiled at the Tech Ed conference.

"Those familiar with Office Communications Server will note that the 'Office' descriptor has been removed when Microsoft discusses the new product to be released under the Wave 14 development banner. Microsoft has not revealed what the name of the new product will be, but it seems clear that 'Office' will not be part of the new branding. CS '14' is also a code name for the next version, and when Microsoft announces the new name later this year, it may be a totally different naming convention than we have grown accustomed to.

"Communicator in CS 14 has taken on a very different look and feel from previous versions. The multicolored gum balls are gone, replaced with photos and side bar presence indicators. Photos, by the way, need to be stored in SharePoint. A new contact card pops up when one hovers over a selected name, giving details about that person. This can either be a small card with basic details or an expanded card with full details."

Read the Full "Under the Hood of Microsoft Communications Server 14" Story at No Jitter

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