Fed IT Unsure of Data Center Management and Consolidation

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 23, 2010

Regulations for better data center management and consolidation at the federal government level may not be met on time. As noted in this Information Week Government report, a new survey showed that three out of four federal IT executives said that agencies won't achieve a data center consolidation plan outlined earlier this year by the Office of Management and Budget in the timeline indicated.

According to one report, some agencies believe they won't meet new data center management objectives on schedule.

"Moreover, 37% said they're not sure if there even will be a data center reduction, despite the OMB plan, with 86% citing the culture of government IT as the chief obstacle to enacting the plan. And 12% of those surveyed don't think data center consolidation will happen at all.

"Specifically, stakeholders said they were unclear about how they will achieve objectives for consolidating data centers and if they can meet them in the timeline presented, according to the survey, called the 2010 Federal Data Center Demolition Derby."

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