Wind River Virtualization Technologies Supports XP

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 23, 2010

Wind River has announced support for Microsoft Windows XP as a guest operating system for Wind River Hypervisor on Intel-based platforms. According to the company's news release, the new support means that device and systems manufacturers can now run Windows XP simultaneously with other operating systems such as VxWorks or Wind River Linux on a single piece of silicon, to reduce their bill of materials, energy consumption and maintenance costs.

The company says support for Microsoft Windows XP as a guest operating system for Wind River Hypervisor is now available.

"Wind River Hypervisor was developed from the ground up to support real-time system requirements and virtualization on single and multi-core processors, and leverages Wind River's deep expertise in advanced partitioning and safety and security critical systems from the aerospace and defense and industrial and medical sectors. With the addition of Windows XP as a guest operating system, device and systems manufacturers serving the industrial and medical market segments can integrate Windows XP alongside real-time operating systems into their projects to deliver a broader set of capabilities and develop innovative solutions to differentiate them from the competition. Examples include using Windows XP to create a graphical user interface for patient monitoring consoles or industrial control platforms while also implementing an RTOS to manage sensors and control with real-time performance, determinism and high reliability, both on the same physical single- or multi-core chip."

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