Know Your Data Center Management Capabilities

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 23, 2010

What's your data center IQ? As mentioned in this ZDNet blog, this isn’t a question for data center management, but rather the people they work for. Or perhaps more importantly, what do the other business units of the company know about the capabilities of your data center?

What does your management actually know about your data center?

"This is a two edged-sword for IT however. IT management needs to learn to manage expectation in a positive way, introducing the idea to their business partners that there are a large number of options for driving business that can be provided by the IT department, be they via deployments of services from within the data center or from cloud providers, funneled through IT.

"The managing expectations part is the critical one. Introducing business-focused management to the world of IT services means that there will always be the gung ho business types who read or hear about the cool new IT service and want it for their department, implemented yesterday. After all, the new flexibility that the datacenter delivers means that these services are easily available, right?"

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