AMD, Intel Increase Chip Core Counts

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Posted Jun 21, 2010

The chip count is far from maxxed out. At the Hot Chips conference in Palo Alto, Calif., Intel officials are expected to talk up "Westmere EX," with its 10 cores per chip, while AMD will be discussing its "Bulldozer" platform, which scales to 16 cores per chip.

Intel is taking Westmere to the next level, while AMD prepares to 'Bulldozer' the competition.

Dell officials are touting their shipping of tens of thousands of PowerEdge servers powered by the latest high-end processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

Intel’s Xeon 7500 Series "Nehalem EX" chips offer up to eight cores per processor. AMD's Opteron 6100 Series “Magny-Cours” chips hold eight to 12 cores.

Sally Steven, Dell’s vice president of Dell’s Server Solutions business, boasted that the vendor has been the first to ship servers powered by the high-end chips, saying in a statement June 21 that Dell “is providing leading edge technologies to spur further adoption of x86 server solutions while other vendors protect legacy server investments and expensive software and services contracts.”

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