Open Source Remote Desktop Manager Updated

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 18, 2010

Version 3 of RDPDesk's RD Connection manager offers new features that allow administrators to manage multiple servers and desktops remotely. RD Connection Manager is a free open source Remote Desktop (RD) management solution licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The new version of of RDPDesk’s RD Connection manager lets admins manage multiple servers and desktops remotely.

"RD Connection manager simplifies the management of remote connections to multiple servers and desktops. The RD Connection manager makes it easy to manage remote connections to Unix, Windows, MAC and Citrix systems.

"With this release (v3.0) the emphasis was on implementation of VNC protocol for Windows and Linux on basis of tightVNC. For the Windows version, the implementation was more challenging as tightVNC code is very dependent on WinAPI. The code is also made as a completed product and was not designed for creating a separate library."

Read the Full News Release at PR Web

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