Tips for Buying a Small Business Server

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 16, 2010

For SMBs with little to no experience with servers, experts recommend working with a knowledgeable and certified reseller. How about the SMB that has yet to add its first server? There are plenty of firms out there that attempt to get by with a bunch of computers using individual Internet connections and by transferring files via USB drive or email. Learn more about the server buying process for small businesses in this Small Business Computing Buyer's Guide.

The question is, which servers best fits your needs? This Small Business Buyer's Guide offers advice to ease the selection process.

"One of the big reasons to add at least one server, said Brook Lester, senior product marketing manager for Dell tower servers, is file management. A server lets you store files in one central location where employees can access them as they need.

"Another reason is application management. It can take days to upgrade or install new software on every individual computer in an office. A server significantly reduces the amount of time involved with the upgrade process. Further, most applications run better when a server is in control."

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