Tilera Hints at Low-Power Server With 512 Cores

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 14, 2010

Tilera, a low-power chip maker, has indicated that later this month, a major server vendor will announce a low-power server with 512 cores, using eight of its 64-core processors. As noted in this PC World report, Tilera did not respond to request for comment on the server vendor's name.

Tilera said a major server vendor will soon announce a low-power server using eight of its 64-core processors.

"Tilera has taken a markedly different approach in its chip design than is found on traditional x86 chips. Tilera's chips have a mesh design for faster data exchange, and the parallelized cores are organized in a square with multiple points to receive and transfer data. Each core has a switch for faster data exchange. Chips from Intel and AMD rely on crossbars, which could potentially lead to bandwidth issues as the number of cores expands."

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