Brocade One Simplifies Data Center Virtualization

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 14, 2010

Brocade has introduced Brocade One, the unifying network architecture and strategy that enables customers to simplify the complexity of virtualizing their applications. According to the company in its recent news release, by removing network layers, simplifying management and protecting existing technology investments, Brocade One helps customers migrate to a world where information and services are available anywhere in the cloud.

Brocade One is the company's new strategy that aims to simplify the complexity of application virtualization.

"'Driven by the growth of server virtualization, continued growth of data and the proliferation of devices connected to the network, the networking industry is on the cusp of a major innovation cycle,' said Mike Klayko, CEO of Brocade. 'Virtualized data centers will enable the realization of cloud architectures where services and applications can be delivered on-demand and at much greater speeds than is possible today. I am proud of our company's leadership in driving network innovation in this new era as we demonstrated today at our Technology Day.'"

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