Acronis Offers Free Server Monitoring Tool

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 14, 2010

Acronis is offering Drive Monitor, a free, downloadable software application that monitors the health of server, PC and laptop hard disk drives. According to the company's product release statement on its website, the software helps to alert users to problems that may indicate an imminent failure and gives users time to react by saving the data contained on their hard drive.

Acronis Drive Monitor can monitor the health of a server or workstation hard disk drive.

"When Acronis Drive Monitor identifies a problem, it generates an email or onscreen alert describing the specific finding. It offers a simple and easy to understand explanation of the alert guiding the user to the steps they need to take to remedy the issue. A color coded summary provides an overview of the disk’s health at a glance and weekly reports summarize the findings.

"Acronis Drive Monitor works on most Windows PCs, workstations or servers to check for disk-related OS events, file system errors, and negative changes in S.M.A.R.T.-monitored disk functions like throughput, spin-up time and seek error rates."

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