Microsoft Calls Next Windows Server a Major Release

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 11, 2010

Microsoft has said that the next Windows Server will be a major release, and it is being developed alongside the next desktop operating system. As reported in this Cnet article, the most recent update, the server version of Windows 7, was a minor update--Windows Server 2008 R2--completed last year.

Microsoft hasn't put a date on it yet, but the next version of Windows Server won't be another minor release.

"Muglia said it was too soon to say what features would be in the next server operating system.

"'We're not talking a lot about the next version of Windows Server today,' he said, 'but I think what you'll see is...that the learnings that we have from Windows Azure will be pulled back into Windows Server, just like there's features in Windows Server and SQL Server that are being pulled up into Windows Azure and SQL Azure.'"

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