VM6 Makes Hyper-V Virtualization Easier

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 10, 2010

Server virtualization consulting company, VM6 Software, has released a set of new tools designed to help companies virtualize their Hyper-V infrastructure. According to this report on The Register, VM6 Software began shipping the latest release of a tool called VMex, which was created by the company's founders because they were frustrated with the tools that were available as they tried to help companies virtualize their infrastructure with VMware's GSX Server and ESX Server hypervisors.

The company's new tools can help make companies make the transition to a virtualized infrastructure much easier.

"So two and a half years ago, VM6 Software jumped into the gap between what VMware was selling and what SMB shops needed, and created VMex 1.0, which Courville says was conceptually like VMware's own VirtualCenter (now called vCenter) management tool for GSX Server. It's worth noting that VMware did not initially support GSX Server (its type 2 or hosted hypervisor) with VirtualCenter - you had to buy ESX Server to get the management tools."

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