Data Center Management Can Save IRS Millions

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 9, 2010

The Internal Revenue Service says it could save more than $3 million over four years by implementing better cooling techniques in two of its data centers. As mentioned in this Information Week report, auditors found several flaws in the energy-efficiency configuration at the Martinsburg and Memphis data centers, including missing floor tiles that allow hot and cold air to mix, overworking the center's air conditioning units, and inconsistencies in the row spacing of the servers in the data center.

The IRS says it could save more than $3 million by implementing better cooling techniques in its data centers.

"The report also found that neither site had occupancy sensors to control lighting or sub-metering to monitor power consumption, nor did they have the capability to determine how energy use is distributed among computer equipment and support systems in the data center.

"The TIGTA based its estimate on how much the IRS can save on fiscal year 2009 electricity costs for the Memphis and Martinsburg data centers, which were $3,060,291 and $2,057,243, respectively. It also used a report by the Tennessee Valley Authority in March 2009 that found that 31% of total electrical usage in the facilities was attributed to the data centers."

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