Implementing The Right VDI Strategy

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 8, 2010

Virtualizing the desktop is an entirely different process from server virtualization. This Information Week report offers tips for a desktop virtualization strategy that can follow employees around, regardless of where they are or the machines they're using.

A good virtual desktop strategy should focus on following the end user from device to device.

"Say, for example, that you initiate desktop virtualization with a standard desktop environment in mind. Once the first high-ranking power user complains, you're forced to customize his or her desktop, and the customization disease spreads faster than dengue fever. Your grand plan to serve all employees with a few master desktops is gone, and now you're storing a thousand custom desktops every night. The storage requirements alone eat up anticipated savings.

"A (seemingly) more savvy IT manager elicits role definitions from employees and lets them classify themselves, leading to more contented users. That is, until people need to travel, and IT gets bombarded with questions with no good answers. Yes, they can use the old Office software on the laptop. But if they're looking for Excel spreadsheets they started while connecting to the network, that data's in the data center, not their machines."

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