Preparing for Enterprise Server Growth

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 4, 2010

Enterprise growth creates an increase in demand on enterprise servers. This report discusses growth from a server perspective and offers advice on how to prepare for this kind of growth. As offered in the report, to get ready for server growth you can use capacity planning tools to predict how systems will respond to future business growth. These tools can help managers determine the least expensive and best performing configurations.

Enterprises need an accurate snapshot of how much capacity is available and to predict how systems will respond to future business growth.

"So what should data center and IT managers be doing to prepare for enterprise growth when it comes to servers? Jack Pouchet, director of energy initiatives at Emerson Network Power (, says enterprises should 'virtualize, virtualize, and then virtualize some more.' He continues, 'Seriously, we need to examine the many paths to reducing the current IT load through server consolidation, application management, virtualization (where it makes sense), storage management (including data deduplication strategies), network optimization, and an often forgotten aspect of server management—removing obsolete, dead, or nonproductive servers from the data center.'"

"Pouchet says it’s important to remember that as you perform sever consolidation and virtualization, you should work with the facilities team to ensure that proper power and cooling will be available within the new 'core' area, as collapsing the server and storage systems into a smaller footprint will change the dynamics of the data center infrastructure."

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