The Difference Between Virtualization and a Private Cloud

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 4, 2010

So you have deployed virtualization, but do you have a private cloud? The answer is "maybe." Virtualization is simply one of the elements that makes cloud computing, so cloud computing can happen without virtualization. This Search Server Virtualization article discusses the relationship between server virtualization and private cloud computing.

Cloud computing does not center on any one technology - virtualization is simply one element of cloud computing.

"The more likely scenario is that a private cloud computing environment is built on a virtual infrastructure. Many organizations have deployed virtualization by creating virtual servers on top of their existing networking, storage and security stacks. But with private cloud computing, you need to think about and design these technologies in conjunction with one another.

"In other words, you built previous virtual infrastructures on these stacks, but you need to build a private cloud with these stacks."

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