Data Center Management: Reduce Container Costs with Standardization

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 4, 2010

Data center containers are gaining in popularity, and can be shipped to include almost everything a company needs for a complete data center setup. Since data center containers are a relatively recent technology, the industry still lacks standardization. According to this Data Center Journal report, Taiwan-based company, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), hopes that standardization will reduce the cost of data center containers by as much as 50-percent.

Containerized data centers lower costs, but it currently lacks standardization.

"Non-standard products, while not fundamentally flawed, tend to raise barriers against widespread adoption. These barriers include higher prices, fewer customer options, and the potential for vendor lock-in. In the case of data center containers, the Taiwanese ITRI hopes that standardization will reduce costs, leading to a potential price cut for large cloud data centers of 50%. Standardization would allow companies to manufacture components that can be used in a broader range of data center containers, thereby increasing competition and, in all likelihood, significantly lowering prices. (Another way of viewing standardization in this case would be that the use of standardized racks in a container data center, for instance, would allow customers to include servers from manufacturers other than the container vendor.) Such standardization would also increase customer choice, and combined with the lower prices, could increase overall adoption of data center containers as a viable alternative to traditional data center construction, with all of its associated challenges (such as identification of appropriate real estate, lack of mobility, and impediments to expansion)."

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