CIO Tips: Desktop Virtualization Technologies

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jun 1, 2010

The benefits of desktop virtualization has CIOs looking for new ways to improve operational efficiency. This report looks at desktop virtualization and offers tips on how to cut the marketing hype out to understand different virtualization technologies.

Desktop virtualization is a hot topic right now and cutting through vendor hype can be a challenge.

"Savings. This is probably the most important thing you care about at this point. Can I save money if I pursue this technology? The short answer is yes, absolutely, but you should not be looking at desktop virtualization savings the same way you are looking at server virtualization savings--they are different. Server virtualization saved money on both CapEx and OpEx, primarily because we had most of the infrastructure in place; we just changed how we spent our budgets and how we bought our hardware to take advantage of virtualization, thus yielding an astonishing return on investment."

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