Oracle Abandons AMD Opteron on Sun Servers

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 28, 2010

Oracle plans to abandon AMD's Opteron processors, and will will not use the new Opteron 6100 and Opteron 4100 processors in future Sun Fire x64 servers. According to this report on The Register, all existing Opteron servers will also be discontinued.

The new Sun Microsystems owner plans to discontinue existing Opteron servers.

"Thus ends an Opteron era that began with an impressive bang back in 2003 when IBM and then Sun enthusiastically embraced the Opteron because — at the time — Intel's 32-bit, frontside-bussed Xeons were just plain awful.

"Oracle laid out a rough sketch of its server plans back in January, after closing the Sun Microsystems acquisition. But additional details have be scant."

Read the Full Story at The Register

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