Open vSwitch Releases Multilayer Virtual Switch

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 28, 2010

The Open vSwitch Project is a multilayer virtual switch licensed under the open source Apache 2 license. According to this Info World report, it is designed to support distribution across multiple physical servers similar to VMware's distributed vSwitch or Cisco's Nexus 1000V.

The virtual machine access switch supports multiple hypervisors and the Xen cloud platform.

"Server virtualization platforms had matured, and virtualization administrators began architecting and deploying more complicated solutions and environments. Because of that, more virtual networking control became required. This was also the period when Cisco got into the game with the company's first entry into the virtual switch market, the Nexus 1000V. It was a virtual machine access switch, and an intelligent software switch implementation for VMware vSphere environments running the Cisco NX-OS Software operating system."

Read the Full Story at Info World

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