VMware Renovates Desktop Virtualization Technologies

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 27, 2010

VMware has steadily moved its virtualization technologies in to the data center, but still has a nice business selling its Workstation hypervisor for PCs and Fusion hypervisor for Macs. As pointed out in this report on The Register, with Workstation 7.1, VMware says it has made tweaks to the hypervisor so that Windows Vista and Windows 7 guest partitions have up to twice the graphics performance supporting DirectX 9.0 protocols.

The company has optimized Workstation 7.1 and added new hypervisor tweaks.

"The hypervisor in Workstation 7.1 has been optimized for the latest 'Westmere' Core i3, i5, and i7 processors from Intel, announced in January, and uses the AES encryption features on those chips to more quickly encrypt and decrypt virtual machines running atop Workstation. The virtual machine guests atop the Workstation hypervisor — which is a type 2, or hosted one, meaning it has to run atop Windows or Linux — now can span eight virtual processors, up from four virtual processors in Workstation 7.0, and can have a virtual disk of up to 2TB. The amount of memory each VM can support stays the same at 32GB."

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